Helios LED Floodlight

Projecteur LED de puissance 200W - 400W - 600W - 800W - 1200W

The Helios floodlight range from SPEQTRIS SPORT is the ideal lighting solution for aggressive and corrosive sports venues (swimming pools, seaside, etc.) requiring a high-tech product.

Our product consists of an extremely rigid moulded unit treated to withstand hostile environments (salt and chlorine). It is composed of 200W LED modules and a power supply unit pre-fitted to the back of the floodlight.

Helios floodlights are lightweight but powerful, providing premium quality precision lighting and visual comfort.

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General features of the Speqtris Sport Helios range :

A floodlight designed for sport, suitable for aggressive environments (salt, chlorine) and with a 145 lm/W light output. The Helios range can be adapted to all sports and environments.

The Helios range comprisesseveral floodlights ranging from 200W to 1,200W to adapt the lighting power to the application.

With 145 lm/W light output and 5 different wattages, our Helios floodlights meet wide-ranging lighting requirements for indoor applications (tennis court, pool, etc.) or large outdoor facilities (football pitches, riding arenas, etc.)


Speqtris Sport Helios range diffusion optics :

The Helios range is composed of 200W LED modules. Each module can be equipped with specific light diffusion optics.  The choice depends mainly on the initial positioning and height of the fixture, and the area to be lighted. Contact our sales engineers for advice on your project.

Speqtris Sport Helios Floodlight Service Life : Speqtris Sport Helios range windage (SCX):<
The service life of lighting fixtures also depends on their annual maintenance. Please note that the windage values depend on the angle of tilt and direction of the floodlight installed on a pole.


Technical specifications are a document necessary for any public procurement contract. They define the buyer’s requirements. Depending on the area you wish to light and the lighting standards to be met, the floodlights recommended for your installation will need to be included.

If you have plans to light a sports facility with Helios LED floodlights, select the wattage below and use our “Copy text” feature to incorporate it into your Specifications !

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Rotating module

Salt- and chlorine-compatible


Different optics

Lightweight and compact

Integrated 10 kV protection