Design your VariBOX according to your needs and preferences!

The VariBOX lighting management unit is pre-programmed and ready to install, making it easy to fit and use. It allows intuitive control of your lighting, to maximise visual comfort and optimise energy costs by adjusting the light to the application thanks to several different illuminance levels.

We can add several options, such as a programmable clock, a light sensor or a motion detector so that you can adapt your power consumption to your use. This unit is custom-built to your specifications!

VariBOX is designed to give you a user-friendly interface while optimising the management of your facility or court/pitch and maximising your energy savings.

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Why is lighting management important ?

LED luminaires are perfect when it comes to saving energy. But did you know that optimal lighting management will reduce your power consumption even more?

In general, installing LED luminaires will save you 50% in energy costs, but with additional lighting management, this figure can reach almost 80%!

We simply need a good understanding of your requirements and your sports facility to add all the right options to your VariBOX so that you save even more energy.

What we need to know about your requirements :

  • Number of illuminance levels (1/2/3/4)
  • Number of key-operated access points (2/3/4) or one key for all
  • Number of pitches/courts (1/2/3/4)
  • Whether or not you require individual output management for each pitch/court
  • Type of facility (gymnasium/stadium/riding school/tennis court, etc.)
  • Type of cable outlet on the VariBOX (top or bottom)

Add-ons for your VariBOX :


Summary of additional options :

DMX (Digital Multiplex) Lighting Effects :

At high-level sports complexes and often in skating rinks, we are sometimes asked to add lighting effects for animation during sports events or meetings.

The effects are preset programmes that can be controlled from a console or a remote control for greater convenience.

Below, you can see a presentation of the various light effects at the Auguste Delaune gymnasium in the Paris region to give you a true idea of what we can do with DMX lighting effects:


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