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600x600 / 1,200x300 / 1,200x600 LED Panels

LED Panels are lighting fixtures often found in club houses, changing rooms, equipment storage areas, etc. 

They come in different shapes to adapt to your needs or preferences: 600x600mm, 1,200x300mm or 1,200x600mm.

These luminaires have a wide area of diffusion thanks to their overhead position, which makes them suitable for lighting interior spaces.

Thanks to their different installation options, you can fit them as you wish. Whether recessed, suspended or surface-mounted, LED panels offer a range of possibilities to adapt to your ceiling.

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600×600 LED Panel 1200×300 LED Panel 1200×600 LED Panel

Features of the 600×600 LED Panel :


600×600 LED Panel Dimensions :


600×600 LED Panel Specificity :

This size of LED panel is available in a Biodynamic version that adapts the luminaire output to the input of natural light and reduces its power consumption accordingly. It stabilises its lighting at the illuminance threshold defined by the installer, and can even switch itself off if there is enough natural light.

Features of the 1200×300 LED Panel :


1200×300 LED Panel Dimensions :

Features of the 1200×600 LED Panel :


1200×600 LED Panel Dimensions :

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Overhead installation

Recessed mount

Large lighting area

Suitable for tertiary lighting