Hard-wired VariFOOT - Football

Hard-wired lighting management unit for Football pitches

For maximum energy savings with your football pitch LED lighting, opt for a VariFOOT, the lighting management unit specially designed for football pitches!

Note that this unit is also suited to rugby pitches, as the standard layouts for football and rugby pitch lighting are the same.

Facilitate the use of your lights by centralising all the commands you need for football. With a hard-wired connection between the lights on each pole and the VariFOOT control unit via a DALI Bus, the VariFOOT unit is very easy to install. This is the ideal solution for new facilities.

The unit includes pre-programmed functions tailored to football such as 3 lighting levels (40%/60%/100%) and half-pitch lighting for evening practice sessions.

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Different functions of the Hard-wired VariFOOT :

  • 3 lighting levels:

Three illuminance levels are available to vary the intensity of your lighting. The levels correspond to 40%, 60% and 100% of the output to adapt the lighting to the use of the pitch, for example for Leisure, Training and Competition.


  • Half-pitch lighting:

With this function, you can light only half a pitch to avoid unnecessary power consumption, when players are training on only one part of the ground.


  • DALI Bus:

A DALI booster for each pole to connect up the luminaires on the different poles.

Standard architecture for a Hard-Wired VariFOOT installation :

VariBOX :

The VariBOX lighting management unit is pre-programmed and ready to install, making it easy to fit and use. It allows intuitive control of your lighting, to maximise visual comfort and optimise energy costs by adjusting the light to the application thanks to several different illuminance levels.

We can add several options, such as a programmable clock, a light sensor or a motion detector so that you can adapt your power consumption to your use. This unit is custom-built to your specifications!

VariBOX is designed to give you a user-friendly interface while optimising the management of your facility or court/pitch and maximising your energy savings.

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Technical specifications are a document necessary for any public procurement contract. They define the buyer’s requirements. Depending on the complexity of your sports facility lighting and the way you wish to manage it, your specifications should include the unit or units recommended for the installation.

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Hard-wired VariFOOT

Brand: Speqtris Sport by StopLED

Model: Hard-wired VariFOOT Lighting Management Unit 

Transmission: Hard-Wired

Functions: 3-level Lighting (40%/60%/100%) – Half-pitch lighting –DALI Booster (quantity = number of poles)

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Energy savings

Intuitive use


Easy to installr

Specific for Football & Rugby