LumiSET – Lighting for Outdoor Tennis Courts

Lighting on outdoor Tennis Court fencing

LumiSET has been designed to achieve one main goal: an easy-to-install solution offering ideal conditions and performance for outdoor tennis players.

LumiSET is a complete solution that provides FFT-standard lighting with an average of 300 Lux and optimum uniformity for your outdoor tennis courts. This remarkable, cost-effective lighting kit can easily be installed on the fencing around outdoor tennis courts.

Enjoy unrivalled visual comfort with no glare. The design is tailored to the game of tennis, with two upward-facing 150W LED modules per line for clear visibility of high balls.

Cast shadows are eliminated from the players’ field of vision to ensure maximum concentration on the game.

This all-in-one solution is quick to assemble and install. And as it adapts to the existing structure, it is very economical, with no need for poles, concrete blocks or external wiring work.

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Features LumiSET Concept Lighting Management Specifications

General features of the Speqtris Sport LumiSET :

A lighting kit specially designed for outdoor tennis courts with an output of 150 lm/W.

The easy installation of LumiSET is a great source of savings as there is no need to bury cables or fit special-purpose poles!

Each module of the kit is lightweight: only 6.7kg per mounting point.

With LumiSET, you win on all fronts: power consumption, simple installation, reduced maintenance costs, etc.

LumiSET Fixing System :

The system for fixing each lighting point has been carefully designed to adapt to your fence poles.

The mounting arms attach to the fence posts and can be adapted to diameters ranging from 60 to 110mm.

To facilitate the connection between the luminaires, the kit comes complete with pre-wired connectors and their ‘Plug and Play’ system.

Simply position the lighting points at least 3 metres high on your poles.

To make things even easier, your LumiSET kit includes an assembly diagram specific to your facility.


Bar system :

The legs attach to the top of the posts to support the bar, which in turn supports the LED modules, for a simple and robust installation.

Pied LumiSET Barre LumiSET Vue d’ensemble


Light rendering :

The average illuminance on court is 300 Lux minimum with a uniformity factor of ≥ 0.8.

For simple LumiSET use :

To simplify your installation and manage your lighting easily, we have designed the LumiSET VariBOX. It includes all the electrical protections, a timer with right/left switch-off warning and dimming, and a system to prevent lights being switched on during the day.

This complete lighting management system will generate even greater energy savings while keeping your lighting close to hand.

Your VariBOX is ready-to use with no complicated electrical connections!

Technical specifications are a document necessary for any public procurement contract. They define the buyer’s requirements. Depending on the court you wish to light and the lighting standards to be met, the luminaires recommended for your installation will need to be included. 

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Brand: Speqtris Sport by StopLED

Model: LumiSET

Summary product datasheet: SMD LED Floodlight – Composed of 11x150W LED modules per line – 2x150W LED modules per line for high ball lighting – Voltage 220-240V – Frequency 50-60 Hz – CRI > 80 – IP65 – IK10 – UGR < 21 – Photobiological risk RG1 –140 lm/W Light output – Independently rotating modules – Dali/DMX Dimmable – Black –High-strength aluminium / Pmma

Mechanical features: IP65 – IK10 – RG1 – Black – 360°-rotating LED module (35° downward recommended) –Adapts to fence poles – Weight per module 6.7kg

Light features: SMD LED Lighting – LED Floodlights – 140 lm/W – 21,000 Lumens par module – 462,000 Lumens in total – Service life 75,000h (L80 Ta25°) – Dimmable Lighting – 1 Driver per line

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Easy to install

FFT-standard lighting




Lighting management



Visual comfort

Lighting for high balls



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